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  • 2019 Design Trends

    Monday, March 4, 2019   /   by Cary Crowe

    2019 Design Trends

    Designer and realtor extraordinaire, Cristylyn Garcia, enlightens us with designer trends for 2019.


    About a year and half ago Cristylyn advised me that golds were coming back and I thought she was crazy. I was also thinking along the lines of gold shower trims, similar to the 80s and 90s.

    But we’ll start with the gold and coppers, because they are starting to come back?


    Yes of course, you’re seeing them in model homes and designer magazines. So it’s not just in Utah, because as you know, sometimes Utah can be a little behind. You’re seeing it everywhere, in kitchen and bathroom hardware; fixtures and lighting. It’s not just your accessories.


    My picks would be the kitchen hardware, faucets and of course gold accents. Gold accents around the house.


    So in terms of tone and color, what is going to be happening in 2019?


    We have been in a cool tone mood for a couple of years. A lot of blues and grays, stark whites etc. We aren’t completing moving away from that but we are starting to see warmer trends coming back. Trends such as earthy tones; not that everyone is painting their walls tan again but you are seeing wood pallet walls. These are huge right now. That is the first that you’re starting to see.


    You’re going to see orange and rust, but not bright orange. But this would depend on how modern you are. The big color is olive green! It’s 1970s right? But you are seeing these tones come back in with the earthy tones so you will see natural elements people want to feel they are outside or within an oasis. Bamboos and plants, things that make you feel like a breath of fresh air.


    So speaking of that, mosaic tiles and different types of geometric shapes, accent walls etc, is that coming back?


    Paisley brocade, you are outta here! We are definitely seeing a lot of geometrics.












    Spring is around the corner (I wish it was closer than it is!). So clear everything out! Go neutral and go white. If you want a new look, take everything out of that room, paint your walls white and put little things at a time; and start with neutrals.


    Final words


    This is also very important for realty. I see people putting things that were in trend 5-6 years ago. They build a house and then within a year or two those trends are no longer relevant. And then 4-5 years down the road they are even more irrelevant. When buyers walk in, they think “we have to remodel this whole thing!”. It’s a shame when that happens especially when you are building.

    These were our insights on the growing design trends for 2019.

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