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  • What is Syndication?

    Monday, June 17, 2019   /   by Demi Lucero

    What is Syndication?

    What does it actually mean when a Realtor tells you that your listing will be on thousands of websites? In this post we will discuss just that and a few things every homeowner should know about in 2019. 

    What is Syndication?

    Syndication is a tool that pretty much every brokerage has. We put the listing on one website and it syndicates out to literally thousands upon thousands of websites. 

    The point here is that, it’s nothing special. 

    If an agent tells you they are doing a lot of internet marketing for you by putting the listing on thousands of websites, it’s basically just syndication. They are doing nothing different than 99% of the agents out there. 

    Important Real Estate Marketing Means 2019

    So, what actually is the most important thing in marketing? 

    The most important thing to look for in an agent would be the paid marketing cost they are putting in out of their future commission to attract more buyers to see your home. This is one of the only ways you can separate yourself from agent to agent. Some examples of paid marketing would be:

    Pre-Listing Marketing 

    That’s where we advertise that the property is coming soon. It’s awesome the home is advertised while the sellers wait for the home to get ready and be perfect for selling. 

    How does that help? 

    Well, if someone wants a home they can’t afford it makes them want it even more. 

    Therefore, this is a powerful marketing tool. 

    Video Marketing 

    We can get a huge reach on video. For that reason, we do video tours and get on an average 10,000 extra views on that video. This helps attract more potent buyers. 

    Why Target Marketing?

    Another important thing to consider is where the agent is spending the marketing money. I can spend $6,000 a month on a billboard for a McDonald’s in Salt Lake City. But if that billboard is going to be 80 miles away it’s going to do zero good in attracting customers. 

    You should be very direct with what kind of marketing strategies are you going to adopt. And whether they are going to give you results as per your expectations. 

    Agents are notorious for telling a story about all the amazing stuff that they do in the name of marketing but in reality don’t really do it or that doesn’t really work. You want targeted results and you want proof of those results. 

    For instance, in some of our campaigns, we are collecting 100 buyer leads that will register on our coming soon campaign. We then collect at least 30 on our Google out-of-state marketing campaign. Sometimes the home is already listed on the MLS. They can just go and see it but they are registering and giving us their information because they didn’t see it and want to find out more about the property. 

    We also do that in other areas. For example, if your home is located in West Jordan we can advertise your home for buyers looking in South Jordan, Sandy or Draper. Those areas are more expensive than West Jordan. When they see the price of a West Jordan home that comes up for sale they suddenly realize that it’s a good deal. You bring a buyer to a neighborhood that they weren’t even checking out. Those people are obviously willing to pay the money and you get those higher prices.


    Why do videos have great power vs. photography? 

    A video creates more emotional connection between you and the viewer. It gives a better picture of why the sellers really love their home. It’s a lot easier and better to create emotional attachment through video than through pictures. 

    Moreover, videos stand out more than pictures. If you are a buyer looking at 100s of homes and you see one that has got a video that one’s going to stand out to you. You are going to remember it more. 

    A video has the power to tell a story. You are not just selling homes but bringing out a connection with the people buying it. It’s like a human aspect to the entire process. 

    So, these are a few points to note down before you hire an agent to sell your home. This is to make sure the agent’s not selling you fluff. Somebody who is able to sell your home for more and faster will definitely be utilizing the best marketing techniques for you.